Mossy Glenn Ranch 6: Broncs and Bullies by Bailey Bradford

Title : Broncs and Bullies               Word Count : 61,487

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Frankie never let anyone close, until Duke refused to give up on him.

Frankie Freemont knows everyone at the Mossy Glenn thinks he’s a jerk for breaking things off with Jody. Letting people get close to him just isn’t something Frankie does. And older men? No way. Frankie doesn’t do that daddy thing so many younger guys seem to like.

Which is why he can’t understand his reaction to Duke Edmonds. Duke has always made him nervous for no reason Frankie can figure out.

Duke suffers a concussion, and Frankie suffers the consequences of a bad choice he makes. With his family wanting him for only one thing—money—and Duke slowly breaking down his defenses, Frankie doesn’t know which way is up.

Duke is determined to prove to Frankie that he’s a good man—they both are. Duke’s worked hard to overcome his youthful past. He’s still ashamed of being a bully years ago, and does everything he can to make sure he never makes mistakes like that again. Being a better man is hard at times, but Duke’s spent his whole adult life doing so.

Now he and Frankie have to decide what they want, and how to go about getting it. That means making some changes that can break each man’s heart.

My Review :  There is a thin line between  pain and pleasure during sex and Frankie Freemont had first hand experience. Frankie is one of the gay ranch hands at the Mossy Glenn Ranch. He’s become very unpopular with the other cowboys,  because of the way he dumped Jody when Jody found out he had a child. Frankie  feels bad for how he dealt with the situation,  but he just wants to have some no- strings attached fun. He definitely doesn’t  want the responsibility of raising a child with Jody. Frankie  punishes himself by going out and being a little bit reckless. He is very careless with his body and have meaningless Internet hookups for sex.

 Frankie’s life takes a dangerous turn when he meets Clem who leaves quite a few bruises both physical and emotional after his harsh treatment during sex. His actions speak loudly of internalized homophobia which he perpetrated on Frankie’s most intimate parts. Clem dessimates Frankie’s self esteem by using extremely  profane and derogatory slurs to shred him. Unbeknownst  to  Frankie,  Clem films them having sex and uses it to further demean and exploit him by posting it on an Internet site for voyeurs.

Duke , the craggy cowboy always knew he was attracted to Frankie,  but for some reason Frankie always avoided him. When Duke found out that someone hurt Frankie,  he just wants to wrap him up and protect him. Duke knows that he is way more invested in Frankie and he plans to go gentle so that he doesn’t spook him. All the gentleness that Duke exhudes is Frankie’s undoing, he really likes how safe he feels in Duke’s arms. 

Oftentimes, people  self medicate with sex and it is clear to see that Frankie has a low self worth. He is not used to the men he hooked up with treating him special. His sense of self has been fractured and he doesn’t think he deserves a whole  lot in relationships. He has kept everything very shallow, putting up a facade of being a playboy and this has definitely backed him in a corner with no friends to call his own. Duke continues to reach out and gently ease his way into Frankie’s life so that he can love him like how he has dreamed of loving someone.   

This book was  about repairing bonds that have been broken. It’s all about the rebirth of relationships and the rejuvenation of our souls. Frankie  and Duke prove to be one of my favorite couples on the ranch. Frankie learnt to cling to his family of choice at the Mossy Glenn Ranch when his own family betrayed and abused his trust. Duke’s  loving care helps Frankie to see how worthy and strong of a man he can be to his partner. Having Frankie’s love allows Duke to feel ten feet tall, it makes him want to move mountains and to just be a better man overall. I found this one to be very emotional,  I loved it. Best book out of the whole series in my opinion. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.