Bear County 10: Cowboy Trouble by Lynn Hagen

Title :  Cowboy  Trouble                 Word Count :99 pgs

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Isaac Newton has been sheltered his entire life. He’s been taught that being gay is wrong, sinful, and knows that if he reveals his deepest desires, he’ll be shunned from his family. Isaac’s managed to keep his secret hidden until he meets a man who tempts him in ways that threaten his very way of life. Tanner Rexford finds Isaac fascinating. His friends rib him about how straight-laced Isaac seems to be. But T-Rex knows what he wants and goes after Isaac, unknowingly setting into motion a course that will leave them both with more than one devastating loss that will test their very beliefs. Fate seems to have it out for both men as T-Rex and Isaac try to put the pieces of their lives back together. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. T-Rex finds this out when the stakes become even higher. With family, friends, and each other, T-Rex and Isaac just might put the pieces of their lives back together and find the happiness that seems just out of reach.

My Review :  I always  wondered about  the set up of team leader  T-rex’s story. T-rex  is one of the few humans from the Executive  Bodyguards who is not a shape shifting bear. When T-rex  first sees Isaac Newton,  he is not immediately  attracted. Isaac’s family  is very  religious  and lead an Amish  lifestyle.  Isaac’s mother makes the clothes that he wears and the closest thing  they have to modern  is an old beat up rust bucket that they call a truck. When Isaac’s  truck breaks down  on the way home after leaving the grocery store,  he realizes  that  he  is totally stuck because  he knows nothing about cars. He gets lucky  when someone  stops, after splashing him on the side of the road. Isaac is very nervous when he encounters  the super hot guy he’s been eyeballing.

T-rex apologizes to the very shy Isaac and offers to take him to the mechanic. He feels  a pull towards this awkward young man and he is not sure why , but he is willing to get to know him. While they were at the mechanic T-rex  is overcome by a wave of lust and kisses Isaac by the side of the road. He takes Isaac to lunch and gets to know a little about him and his way of life. Isaac is a very sheltered young man who has lived a very insular life with his homophobic  uber- religious  parents. 

When Isaac gets home his father beats him severely,  because unbeknownst  to them someone saw the mind melting kiss T-rex laid on him. Isaac’s father forbids him to go back to town. It’s been a few days and T-rex becomes very worried  when he doesn’t  see Isaac in town. He drives out to Isaac’s home and is met by Isaac’s father with a shotgun warning him off his property.  T-rex leaves peacefully. He is  very determined to go back with help to get Isaac out after talking to Sheriff Sparrow who suggests that Isaac might be T-rex’s  mate. Before T-rex can  go in with guns blazing,  Isaac’s  younger brother comes to the ranch to  tell him that their dad has severely beaten and kicked out Isaac.

T-rex is on the the brink of madness and it  takes him and his friends almost a week to find Isaac. Isaac is half starved, bruised and living under a bridge. Isaac is overwhelmed and happy when  his mate T-rex takes him home to the ranch. They are just getting  settled in when T-rex gets a call to meet up with his brother who is the VP of a notorious motorcycle gang. T-rex and his older brother have always been close and it was heart-rending when he tells him that he only has a few days to live due to a malignant tumor. T-rex decides to spend what precious little time they have together.  He was there holding his brother’s hand when  he takes his last breath. T-rex is devastated and all he can think about is getting home to his mate.

It is definitely  a double blow when he finds out that while he was taking care of his brother Shott had to rush Isaac to the hospital where he found out that he was pregnant and was having a miscarriage. T-rex is devastated and wished that he could have done more to protect his  mate from heartbreak. Due to the trauma that his body withstood from his father’s  beating, Isaac will never be able to carry a baby successfully. T-rex and Isaac grieve for the future children that they would never have.

They say everything  happens for a reason and that  was  proven for Isaac and T-rex. It so happens that T-rex’s brother left a  will naming him as the sole guardian over his 6 month old nephew MJ. It was such a joyous moment  to see their reaction to the revelation of the beautiful baby boy. MJ was the blessing  and the healing balm that both their souls needed. It was awesome and extremely funny watching them navigate the diaper situation on their journey back home. This was one of my favorite of the series and one of the most emotional . I loved the connection between Isaac and T-rex . I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 


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