Indiscreet 4: Bull’s Whip by A.C. Katt

Title : Bull’s Whip                 Word Count :56,000

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Twinks are stronger than they appear and Bull is going to rue the day he thought differently.

Jamie O’Hara has been crushing on Bull Raleigh, the Dungeon Master at Indiscreet, for months. Bull hates twinks and Jamie is an gorgeous looking ebony haired twink personfied. Jamie is far from a twink and sets out to prove it. But in proving it Jamie ends up in danger from a white slavery ring. Can Bull put aside his prejudice to keep Jamie safe? When Jamie needs a safe place when he is threatened, Bull insists he stay with him. Jamie arrives with a White Persian Cat, the twinkiest cat in catdom, Bull struggles to stay above water as this set of twinks take over his life.

My Review : That old saying Walks like a twink, looks like a twink, must be a twink, isn’t always true especially in Jamie’s case. Jamie has all the trappings of a twink and Dungeon Master Bull Raleigh can’t stand twinks. It is up to Jamie to prove his worth to Bull who needs a sub who can truly handle pain. Jamie has a serious crush on Bull and does all he can to put himself out there. He is rebuffed each time he tries something new and Bull is down right rude and uncaring of his feelings. Bull is a self centered asshole who is filled with his own importance.  He is a judgemental, biased prick who is using his past hurtful experience to stigmatize all twinks. He sees twinks as puny , backstabbing gold diggers and Brian, Jim and Jamie are up in arms to break him of his preconceived notions.

Jamie sets out to prove Bull wrong about his pain threshold and in the process is severely beaten by a Dom and kidnapped by a sex slavery ring. All the Doms head to to shore to look for Jamie and are just in time to save him and eleven other men. They have captured all the thugs except for one and Jamie is the only one that saw his face. The police wants to put Jamie in witness protection , but Bull steps in and make the decision to take Jamie home. He plans on keeping Jamie safe until the bad guy is captured. 

At this point , Jamie is turned off by all of Bull’s disparaging comments about twinks and even his Persian  cat who Bull says is twinky. Jamie and Bull forms a tentative friendship after Bull goes into therapy with Greg for his issues. Bull has damaged Jamie’s self esteem making him feel lower than dirt , so he does a few sessions with Greg also. Bull has the space and he can  protect Jamie. The parameters surrounding their friendship becomes blurred after Jamie volunteers for a caning scene. While he was in subspace, Bull took the liberty of relieving him of his virginity. The aftermath for Jamie is devastating because he didn’t want his first time to be so meaningless to the other person.   

I must say I didn’t find any redeeming qualities of Bull’s from the start to the finish. I couldn’t warm up to him and it was very disconcerting to see his methods seeing as how he is the dungeon  master.  Bull was very unforgiving,  almost like he was waiting for Jamie to fail so he could punish him. Honestly,  licking boots, I just don’t see what that does for anyone. Bull is definitely on a power trip and I really don’t see him as a great Dom. Bull is very manipulative and I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a main character this much right up until the end. He had no scruples and did whatever he wanted to get into Jamie’s pants. Very dissapointed.  Bull finally acknowledged his love for Jamie when there is a club auction.  For me, I think this was a little too late. This  one was really a long hard road for me. I give this my ratings of 3 – it was ok, give it a try. 


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