Bear County 8: Cowboy Rowdy by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Rowdy            Word Count : 90 pgs

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Rowdy is a man with a troubled soul. His past won’t let him enjoy the present and he feels as if he doesn’t deserve happiness. When Cameron decides to wash his hands of the whole mess, Rowdy fears it’s too late. By trying to push Cameron away, he just might have pushed the man out of his life. Cameron ran from a troubled past. Not even his best friend knew of his home life. His father is the treasurer of the notorious biker gang, the Blue Angels. And they are heading to Bear County to settle a score. Cameron must face a past that he’s tried hard to forget while Rowdy tries to come to terms with a tragedy he caused so long-ago. Rowdy convinces Cameron to come to the ranch where he’ll be safe. But how can Rowdy keep Cameron safe when the human is proving to be his greatest downfall?

My Review : From the very first moment we met Cameron we could see that he was a firecracker who was fiercely loyal of his best friend Taylor. Taylor has since moved out and paired up with his bear shifter mate Sam. It was at the Executive Bodyguards ranch where he first met the sexy ranch foreman Rowdy. Rowdy is also a bear shifter and he rebuffed all of Cameron’s previous flirtations.Now Cameron is a little bit embarrassed and shy when he sees Rowdy. He is also as prickly as a hedgehog because of all the blushing that he can’t contain when  he is around Rowdy. 

When a gunman decides to hold up the pharmacy where Cameron works, Rowdy decides that he has to do something to save his mate. The gunman has a grievance with Sheriff Sparrow and asks to see him. Sheriff Sparrow dispatched the man in no time , but their trouble is just beginning. The man belonged to the Blue Angels biker gang and now they are gunning for Bear County. Sparrow and Executive Bodyguards synchronize their efforts to keep their town, their mates and their children safe. Rowdy has to try hard to get Cameron to see reason so that he can keep him safe.

 Rowdy has a lot of baggage carrying over from his past and he doesn’t want to be encumbered with someone else’s safety and heart, but he can’t seem to resist Cameron. Before they know it , they have gotten closer and their bond becomes stronger.  When they make love for the first time Cameron willingly goes into the situation knowing very well that there is a possibility that he will become pregnant with his bear shifter’s cub. Sparrow and Executive bodyguards vanquish the bad guys and protect their homes. 

Rowdy realized how close he came to losing his mate and makes a marked effort to show Cameron how much he cherishes and loves him. There is a new addition to the ranch, a bouncing baby boy named Christopher. Christopher is the glue that pulls Cameron’s and Rowdy’s relationship together perfectly. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.  


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