Assassin Shifter 1: A Marked Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Title : A Marked Man                  Word Count :225 pgs

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Mateo Esposito loves his job. Hired assassin for the U.S. Government, he takes lives and he kicks ass with no mercy.When a job lands in his lap that’s just not quite right, Mateo finds himself questioning orders for the first time in his career. Who would have known he’d be undone by a purple hippo…

Riley Flynn is CEO of Flynn Electronics. Deep in his closet, Riley wonders what it would feel like to be with a man. When his path crosses with Mateo’s, their lives will never be the same.

Because, Riley is Mateo’s next target…

This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, violence.

My Review : Mateo Esposito is a sexy ass marksman for the A- team. He always acquires his target and he shoots to kill. He is on a special team with his friends hired by the government to take out lowlifes like rapists , pedophiles,  sex traffickers and all manner of evil. Mateo doesn’t have a steady home or boyfriend,  he prefers to take his comfort in whatever hookups he finds for the night. Mateo is very detailed and he always does his homework on his targets before killing them. He also follows his spider senses, that has saved his life a time or two.

When he gets the dossier on Riley Flynn,  the  young attractive CEO of an electronics company,  their is nothing outright that he can see that proclaims him as scum. Mateo follows Riley around and plants listening devices in his home and office and still can’t see anything wrong. He follows Riley to the back room of a gay bar and determines  that is one of his secrets. He loses sight of Riley in the back room when he gets sidetracked by the best blowjob ever from an unknown man. He goes home and fantasizes about the best mouth ever, wishing that he could have a repeat performance.

On the day that he decides to take down Riley,  someone else starts shooting at his target. He saves Riley’s life and takes him to their safe house. Riley is definitely uncomfortable with Mateo knowing that he was originally sent to kill him. On the other hand , he is extremely attracted to Mateo and feels really safe in his presence.  Riley and Mateo are evenly matched and they realize that they have a great connection with each other.  Their attraction really comes to the fore when Riley realized that  Mateo was the hot guy he sucked off in the back room and been dreaming of ever since. 

Riley brings out Mateo’s sweet side and he wants to protect  Riley with all that he’s got. Mateo shows Riley the freedom of being loved by a man. Although they are on the run for their lives, they found a special love with each other that they never imagined ever having with anyone.Their newfound love is tested when their enemies kidnap and torture Riley. Mateo and his team does everything to get Riley back safe and sound.  Mateo and Riley make plans for their future and they both yearn to have a big family, something that neither of them had in the past. Their connection was undeniably strong and their lovemaking was incredibly passionate and sexy. I loved every minute of it. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.