In too Deep by Kate Sherwood

Title : In Too Deep                    Word Count : 80,665

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : At first glance, Cade and Aiden hardly seem like a match made in heaven. Their worlds couldn’t be further apart. Cade is quiet, serious, and determined to succeed; Aiden’s a party-loving frat boy. Cade comes from a rough home and worked hard to get the scholarships that make it possible for him to attend college; Aiden’s had it all thrown in his lap by supportive, kind, and wealthy parents. Cade wants nothing to do with Aiden, but from the moment they meet, Aiden is determined to find a way to bring their different worlds together.

Aiden manages to persuade Cade he’s a decent guy, and a tentative friendship becomes much more. But a trip to Aiden’s family cottage puts Cade in the path of a ghost from his past, and a dark secret he never expected to face again. Cade did what he had to do to escape his dead-end life, but now he sees he didn’t leave it as far behind him as he thought.

My Review :  Cade has one goal in his mind as a college student,  to do exceptionally well in school so that he can get a good job. He works hard,  studies every chance he gets and then some. He comes off as a bit stand-offish and antisocial to people around him, but he could care less.  Circumstances in his life has made him this way, and he is just trying to make a headway in life where he won’t have to sell his body anymore. His parents are both alcoholics whose only care is where they can find their next bottle.

  Aiden is very rich, very handsome, very sociable and very priveleged. He is very interested in getting to know Cade better, but Cade refuses to give him the time of day. Aiden pursues him every chance he has, by going to the cafeteria where Cade works.  Aiden was persistent to the point of being desperate. It was a little bit sweet , but it was disturbing as hell. How many times can you be rebuffed by a crush before you finally take the hint? Aiden seemed like a bit of a spoiled brat for not taking no for an answer while Cade seemed a bit mean for not giving the poor guy a chance. It was clear that he liked Aiden and I just believed that he was way too rigid in his resolve at not even trying to be friends with Aiden.  No man is an island and no matter how proud we try to be , we all need friends at some point in our lives. I definitely take off a point here for Cade’s attitude.

Personally,  I think the book went downhill from here. Reason being, after being told no for the  umpteenth time, I guess Aiden finally got the picture and left Cade alone. He moved on with his life , moping around his frat until Cade came to a party seeking Aiden out. In true Cade fashion he told Aiden quite sullen that he messed up on his exam by getting a B, because he couldn’t get Aiden off his mind. Aiden being the desperate one, falls in his arms and their relationship as boyfriends starts slowly. The sex between them was great , but for some reason I just couldn’t feel the chemistry between the two. I really couldn’t gain any respect for any of these two main characters. I am usually the one to champion the underdog ,but I must say I really didn’t feel as if Cade deserved this. 

It all comes out that Cade was a former prostitute and that’s what he did to pay for his first year’s tuition. I have tons of empathy for flawed characters and I usually end up crying with them and rejoicing with them when they find their true love. That was not the case here. I hated  Cade’s pious attitude and how he constantly pushed Aiden away acting as if he had done something wrong just because he was rich. I really don’t think he was justified in treating Aiden that way. On the other hand Aiden was a little too perfect and understanding,  almost groveling for any affection that Cade decided to give him. His character came off as being too fake. This whole relationship  left a bad taste in my mouth of being unequal in every way, financially and especially emotionally. In the end their problems were resolved so easily and superficially in my opinion. This one was truly a hit and miss for me, there was just something missing. I give this my ratings of 3 – give it a try. It was ok, I guess I just expected a little more out of these characters.  The premise was there for a great story, it just fell short in my opinion. 

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