Sex & Mayhem 1: Road of no Return by K.A. Merikan

Title : Road of no Return                      Word Count :100,000

Genre : Contemporary Homoerotic Dark Romance

Blurb :— Don’t talk to strangers. —

Zak. Tattoo artist. Independent. Doesn’t do relationships.

Stitch. Outlaw biker. Deep in the closet. Doesn’t share his property.

On the day of Stitch’s divorce, lust personified enters the biker bar he’s celebrating at. Tattooed all over, pierced, confident, and hot as hellfire, Zak is the bone Stitch has waited for life to throw him. All Stitch wants is a sniff, a taste, a lick. What follows instead is gluttony of the most carnal sort, and nothing will ever be the same. Forced to hide his new love affair from the whole world, Stitch juggles family, club life, and crime, but it’s only a matter of time until it becomes too hard.

Zak moves to Lake Valley in search of peace and quiet, but when he puts his hand into the jaws of a Hound of Valhalla, life gets all but simple. In order to be with Stitch, Zak’s biker wet dream, he has to crawl right back into the closet. As heated as the relationship is, the secrets, the hiding, the violence, jealousy, and conservative attitudes in the town rub Zak in all the wrong ways. When pretending he doesn’t know what his man does becomes impossible, Zak needs to decide if life with an outlaw biker is really what he wants.

As club life and the love affair collide, all that’s left in Zak and Stitch’s life is mayhem.

WARNING Contains adult content: a gritty storyline, sex, explicit language, violence and torture.


Themes: Outlaw Motorcycle Club, organized crime, homophobia, family issues, coming out, first gay relationship, tattoo, piercing

Genre: contemporary homoerotic dark romance

Length: ~ 100,000 words (Standalone novel, no cliffhanger.)

My Review : Stitch is a straight up bad boy and he wears it well. He is crude, obnoxious and very rough around the edges. He is one of the top players in a biker gang where homosexuality is not an option. Stitch is fresh out of a divorce and decides to get drunk at the bar . This is where he meets Zak , sexy as sin tattoo artist who is new in town and not ashamed of is homosexuality, but he doesn’t advertise for all to see. Coming together was explosive for them in more ways than one. The sex was hot and gratifying,  but as soon as they were done Stitch threatens Zak to keep his ‘cocksucking’ mouth shut. Zak is deeply hurt and decides to show Stitch that he is definitely not his bitch. He pulled a knife on Stitch and boy was that a bad move. Stitch leaves him alone but not before spouting off some more threats that led to Zak having a sleepless night. That’s when he heard it, someone was in his house at 3 am. As much as he is scared,  he decides to tackle the threat head on. He gets out of bed to see Stitch being attacked by his late aunt’s poodle.

 As much as he hates wanting to be with another man, Stitch can’t stay away from Zak. He realizes that he is addicted to the pleasure that he got from being with Zak and he is not sure how to live without it anymore. Stitch is deeply closeted and his mindset and notions about sex are extremely skewed, almost bordering on homophobic.  Zak gives Stitch another chance even though he thinks he’s making the biggest mistake of his life. Zak looks at Stitch as a fuck buddy, but Stitch expects fidelity even though he has no plans of being open about their relationship. They have their first serious fight when Stitch catches Zak having sex with a cop who is always out to get Stitch. 

Their relationship is highly toxic and hazardous and Stitch has a violent streak that is revealed more than once to Zak. The cop, Cox  warns Zak about is association with Stitch and his friends and how this lifestyle  can be misjudged and could be dangerous for him. Stitch has a lot of ties to the criminal underworld. He is definitely not on the up and up with Zak  which fuels a lot of their disagreements. Their relationship is unstable but they have a great bond that they can’t find with anyone else. When they are together, they have a very fun , easy relationship. Stitch finds ways of including Zak in his Motorcycle Club lifestyle since this is an endemic part of who he is as a person. They find it hard to keep their hands off each other and this leads to a few quickies at the club. This was exceptionally hot but I found this behavior really stupid because of how extremely closeted Stitch was and being found out could have life threatening circumstances. They were just begging for trouble.

When there is a drive-by at the motorcycle club leaving three people dead, Stitch’s best friend walks in on them while they were in post-orgasmic bliss and still naked. This definitely doesn’t go well and leads them into a whole heap of trouble. Captain is furious that his brother in arms could be a fag. He threatens to expose Stitch for what he is if he doesn’t break off the relationship.  He also goes after Zak and beats him up. In the end Captain being the homophobic asshole that he is,  outed Stitch and almost kills him.

 It is sad that it had to take all of these horrendous acts for Stitch to stand up and be the man that he needed to be. This book is definitely not for the feint of heart and it is not your typical lovey dovey gay romance. The sex is visceral, primal and their relationship on a whole is captivating.  How far would you go for love? Would you perhaps help with the disposal of a dead body 😕? The book works and captures a specific target audience who dares to be different. I dare you to read this 😉!!! I give this my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators. It is definitely gritty, but extremely sexy.

Favorite Quotes : 1. “No, please, be close to me,” Stitch whispered, feeling the wetness under his eyelids. He lived in a culture where being tough was the only currency. He didn’t even cry when he was alone. Being able to let it out made him just as relieved as having the amazing hot body on top of him. Made him remember he was still human, not a man whose muscles were made out of violence and bones out of fury. ( This is one of the moments that truly showed Stitch’s vulnerability and it really helped me to forgive him for some of his misdeeds.)


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