Bear County 5: Cowboy Legend by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Legend                                    Word Count : 33,027

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Gabe Summerville has been thrown for a loop. His father has just announced that his bank has been used for laundering money and he needs to send Gabe away to keep his son safe. Gabe refuses to leave, insisting that he can help. But once Miller Legend is called in to protect Gabe, all bets are off. The attraction is instant and Gabe soon finds that he is fighting a losing battle, especially when Legend is a temptation he can’t resist.

Miller Legend belongs to Executive Bodyguards, a personal protection service that has settled in Bear County. When Legend takes the assignment to be Gabe’s bodyguard, he has no idea that Gabe is about to change the rules. Legend doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure, but soon finds his resistance to Gabe is futile. He must not only keep Gabe safe, but coax the human into pleasures the man could only dream of.

My Review : Gage Summerville is not a man who likes giving up control in any aspect of his life. He is super pissed when his father tells him that he needs to go into hiding for awhile. Gage’s dad has also decided to hire a bodyguard to protect Gage. Its a love hate relationship from the moment he meets Miller Legend. He is instantly attracted to Legend, but he can see that a man like Legend is too dominant for him. Gage bottoms for nobody.

 Gage smells wonderful to Legend’s bear, he suspects that Gage is his mate. Gage is  a pain in the ass and tries to run away every chance he gets. Legend is so not afraid to put Gage over his knees and give him a good spanking. Gage is appalled, but he is secretly turned on and soon finds himself begging for more. Before he knows it, he is enjoying Legend dominating him especially in the bedroom. He opens up for Legend and he finds himself bottoming for him. Although he is scared, Legend is very patient and treats him with so much care.  Gabe loves it. There is a very strong connection between these two and the sex is exceptionally good.

On their way to bear county, Gabe starts getting really sick. Legend suspects that  Gabe might be pregnant,  but he doesn’t know how to explain it to Gabe. That was a big mistake on Legend’s part. When Gabe is told what is going on with his body, he is furious with Legend for taking away his choice yet again. When his mate stops talking to him, Legend feels his world breaking into pieces. He goes out to the ranch to visit Harland and friends where Renee gives him some great advice. Legend learns that even though mates are forever, the mate bond should not be taken lightly. He understands that he needs to take care of his mate and communicate more honestly.

After all was said and done Gabe forgives Legend and finally puts him out of his misery. Gabe is happy about his pregnancy and decides to stay in bear county with his sexy dominant bear.  They had a beautiful daughter named Sophia after Gage’s mom. I really enjoyed this one and I’m liking this new set of bears from Sparrow’s old military unit. This gets my ratings of 4- lose the underwear.

Favorite Quotes :1. “Calm down,” Legend said. “You flipped the bitch switch in me. So sit down and buckle up for the ride.” (  Lol, Gabe is fiery as hell, even more so when he is pissed at Legend for not telling him he could get pregnant.)

2. “Spread your legs for me,” Legend commanded. “Show me that you want me.” Hooking his hands under his knees, Gabe spread himself wide. Legend moved until he was lined up perfectly and then drove his cock deep inside Gabe’s body. “Legend,” Gabe moaned, his hips shifting and ass clenching. “Fucking good,” Legend groaned. “Fuck me, sweetness. Stop teasing the hell out of me.” Ecstasy began to pound inside Legend when Gabe began to move. Legend scooped the man up, twisted, and then took a seat, his mate straddling him. “That’s it, baby,” Legend groaned, his fingers bunching on Gabe’s ass, pulling the rounded flesh apart as his mate rode him. Gabe’s eyes flared open as his fingers gripped Legend’s shoulders. Heavy-eyed and intense, Legend watched Gabe with increasing hunger. Gabe took Legend’s cock deeper as his mate’s head lolled to the side, exposing his creamy-white shoulder. ( Did I mention how hot Legend was , he is fucking hot and sexy as hell. Loved the chemistry between these two.)



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