Bear County 4: Cowboy Rescue by Lynn Hagen

Title: Cowboy Rescue                   Word Count:27,304

Genre: Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Growing up as the son of Quinn McNeal, Milo wants nothing more than to get from under the man’s thumb. His father is as famous as he is rich, but he is also a tyrant, micromanaging Milo’s life, even down to the fact of who Milo is going to marry. Desperate, Milo flees, settling in a small town that he hopes Quinn will never discover.

Bryson Duran was the last of the men in the Triple-B ranch to find his mate. When a cute waiter starts working at the Ugly Broad Saloon, Bryson is smitten. The fiery little redhead flips every trigger Bryson possesses. Although Bryson is built like an ox, he has trouble finding the courage to ask Milo out.

When Bryson discovers that Milo is on the run from his father, he proposes a plan to stop Quinn from forcing Milo into a marriage he doesn’t want. But the plan backfires and the men of the Triple-B ranch must launch a rescue to get Milo back.

My Review: Bryson, the last of the cowboys on the ranch thinks he might have found his mate. Milo works at the bar that Clayton owns. He is a sweet little redhead who is utterly accident prone whenever Bryson is in his vicinity. Bryson is the biggest of the cowboys, but he is the shy one and he is nervous as hell to meet Milo. He comes up with all sorts of possible lines to try to break the ice with Milo. Milo is very interested, but he is on the run from his evil father who wants him to marry a man who he does business with. Milo’s dad is constantly after wealth, power and control over every aspect of his son’s life.

Milo can’t help being attracted to Bryson and he soon caves and goes on a date with Bryson. At the end of their beautiful date Milo is so relaxed and comfortable ,until he realizes that Sparrow recognizes who his father is. Milo is ready to bolt, but Bryson offers his protection in the form of marriage. The idea is a perfect solution until they actually have to put it in practice. The day isn’t  even over before they start having doubts about being married to each other. 

They are both introspective on the ride back home. Milo asked to be dropped off by his apartment and Bryson can see that he needs space to think and time to adjust. He is a little sad, but he actually needs time to process as well. Bryson starts wondering if his bestfriends were right when they accused him of being lonely and jumping in the decision without thinking it through. After thinking it through a little he decides his decision was not wrong,  albeit a touch hasty. His bear doesn’t want to be apart from Milo , so he makes the decision to go find him and bring him to the ranch where they can take their relationship slowly.

Bryson is distressed when he goes to Milo’s apartment and realise that someone has taken Milo possibly by force. After months of looking, the situation is looking dismal until Sparrow’s old military unit turns up something. They find Milo dirty, unkempt and in the throes of labour in a dirty little hut. T-rex, the leader of the unit is very shocked that a man can be in labour, but he does his best and delivers a beautiful baby girl named Willow.  

Bryson is eagerly awaiting his precious family on the tarmac. He is overwhelmed with joy when he sees Milo, his beautiful redheaded mate and their bundle of joy. Another beautiful addition to bear county. I give this my ratings of 4-lose the underwear.


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