Bear County 2: Cowboy Heart by Lynn Hagen

Title : Cowboy Heart             Word Count : 27,550

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Noah Cross grew up in Lamont’s Trailer Heaven, a place that is nothing but hell for him. The park is drug-infested and any sane man’s worst nightmare. Noah wants more out of life. He wants a man who can show him what it really means to be loved. When he meets Jedediah Gibbs, Noah falls head over heels in lust. The problem is, Jed won’t give him the time of day.

Having been scorned once already, Jed has sworn off love. He wants nothing to do with Noah or the human’s infatuation toward him. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. When Jed buys a gas station, Noah presents an offer Jed can’t refuse. Life in Bear County is getting exceedingly complicated. The harder Jed pushes Noah away, the more attracted he is to the man. But it takes Noah nearly dying for Jed to finally let down his guard and allow himself to love again.

My Review : Noah Cross has had the hots for the sexy bear shifter Jed for quite some time. Jed keeps pushing Noah away , because he knows that the sexy little man could break his heart.  He’s dealt with heartache before and he doesn’t want to have to go through that pain again. When Jed buys a gas station,  Noah sees the perfect opportunity to use his skills as a mechanic to make some more money and to get closer to his boss.

Jed knows the moment he gave Noah a job  that he was in trouble. It’s getting really hard to resist Noah’s charms. When Noah offers Jed no strings attached sex, Jed accepts thinking that he can keep his heart detached. Jed finds out how truly hard it is to not fall in love with Noah. Their first time together is spectacular and their second time is totally blissful. However , that bliss doesn’t last when Jed realizes that Noah is still not pregnant. Only if Noah is Jed’s mate will he get pregnant.  It’s obvious that they are not mates.

Noah makes the hardest decision to let Jed go now, rather than when Jed finds his mate. Jed is devastated that Noah is shredding his heart to pieces but he understands self preservation.  They decide to part ways and make love one last time baring their soul to each other. Their lovemaking was so heartbreakingly tender, it brought tears to my eyes.

It’s  been a few months since they’ve been apart, when Noah realizes that  he is pregnant with Jed’s baby. When he reveals the truth to Jed, Jed is a little upset Noah waited so long, but most of all, he is overjoyed.  Noah delivered triplets and gave Jed the perfect family that his soul yearned for . The Triple B ranch is expanding exponentially.  Can’t wait to see who is next. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 



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