Predatory Hunters: Craving His Embrace by Lynn Hagen

Title : Craving His Embrace        Word Count : 24,734

Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Trevor has the worst taste in men. So when he spots a hot guy at one of his tables, Trevor hesitates talking to the man. But a little flirting never hurt anyone. So Trevor thought. When Jordan invites him back to his hotel room, Trevor shows up and gets more than he bargained for.

Jordan Roderick is in Hawaii on a business trip but can’t resist the tasty little waiter. The guy flips every trigger Jordan possesses. He is drawn to Trevor in ways he never thought possible. Unfortunately, Jordan realizes that Trevor is a Chekota Breeder after two nights of blissful passion.

The two must flee in order to keep Jordan from being killed and Trevor from being kidnapped. But when Trevor is hauled away by two henchmen, Jordan must call on a friend in order to save the man who just might be carrying his child.

My Review : Jordan is in Hawaii on a business trip when he encounters the sweetest tempting morsel of a waiter. Trevor is instantly attracted and a little bit nervous of losing his job if he is seen fraternizing with the clientele. Jordan tries to put Trevor’s mind at ease and invites him to his hotel room after his shift. The chemistry between these two is spot on the minute Trevor arrives at Jordan’s hotel suite. They have a beautiful night together and Jordan makes it clear that he wants forever with Trevor. 

It’s after they make love that Jordan sees the mark on Trevor that exposes him as a Chekota breeder.  Jordan tries his best to explain to Trevor that there is a possibility that he might be pregnant. Trevor freaks out a bit, but after an attempted kidnapping, he decides to go home with Jordan to his panther territory. 

Trevor is feisty and brings a lot of fun and joy to the Panthers’ home. He is a little freaked out when he meets a pregnant Sari, but he really likes his new friend. He decides to embrace this experience wholeheartedly and him and Jordan start shopping for baby stuff. Jordan is excited and happy  to see that his mate is taking their relationship and impending fatherhood in strides. The sex was amazing between these two. This was a happily every after and I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear.

Favorite Quotes : 1. He tightened one hand on his shaft, and used the other to let his fingers brush over the man’s lips.

“Taste me, sweetheart.” His cock was throbbing, the tip aiming for Trevor’s lips. “Open your mouth and give me what I want, baby.”  Trevor’s lips opened, and he moaned as the thick head pushed past them, stretching them wider.

“Oh yeah, such a hot little mouth.” Jordan groaned, wrapping his fingers around the base as he sank deeper in the hot depth, stopping only when Trevor’s eyes began to widen with fear.

“Relax your throat, Trevor,” he urged the man. ( This created such a visceral reaction,  it’s almost as if I am right there. Soooo hot.)


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