Mossy Glenn Ranch 3: Saddles and Memories by Bailey Bradford

Title : Saddles and Memories           Word Count :56,243

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Salt Johnson has had his heart broken, or at least his ego dented, but he’s about to meet a man who wipes away every bad memory Salt ever had.

Saul ‘Salt’ Johnson had a crush on the wrong man. No surprise. He doesn’t have much experience when it comes to relationships despite his age. Being a cowboy in Montana means keeping in the closet, which has left Salt with a long line of one-night stands. Getting hired on at the Mossy Glenn changes all of that, and he’s beginning to see that maybe he can have more than he’s been settling for.

He just doesn’t expect to find it with another one-night stand.

Andy Calder spent years taking care of his brother Destry and helping to raise his nephew, Ty. Now both are gone—Destry passed away and Ty being raised by Andy’s spiteful younger brother. Andy hasn’t forgiven himself for being manipulated after Destry’s death. He just hopes Ty is happy. Andy’s working hard to build up the company he’d started with Destry, wanting to leave Ty a legacy he could build on. Things just aren’t going as planned, and when he decides to blow off some steam with a sexy, rough cowboy, they end up connecting in a way neither of them ever expected.

It’s definitely not a one-night stand kind of thing.

My Review :  I am really enjoying this new series by Bailey Bradford.  The main characters are very relatable,  it’s not just twinks and perfectly chiseled bodies. These are real men with love handles, laugh lines, hard working sunburned,  sweaty stinky cowboys. Ooh la la , I’m in hog heaven. 

The  two main characters are older,  Salt who we met in the previous book , he is 45 and he meets a sexy one night stand Andy who is 37. Andy has his own start up business where he is trying to sell organic feed to ranches. He has some painful memories he is trying to outrun. He finds himself feeling listless and craving more than a one night with the sexy ranch hand Salt. Salt has to hold back his feelings because he doesn’t want to come off as too clingy. He yearns for a relationship where he is settled and can have a home with a partner. He is really drawn to Andy and he likes how their conversations are easygoing and the sex is amazing.

The sex between these  two is all about pushing boundaries and getting to a comfortable place for both of them. Andy doesn’t consider himself to be a Dom,  but he can be forceful and play rough when he needs. Salt is not submissive, but he craves a hard touch and he totally gets that with Andy spanking that lean ass of his.  Sex is a messy business and it is so much hotter that way. Andy is raunchy and he prefers to have a sweaty cowboy in his bed. He just can’t get enough of Salt’s flavour after he’s been at work all day in the hot sun. Hot , hot , hot😊.

They both come to the realization that they need something more than a quick hook up from the other. They decide to give a monogamous relationship a try even though it will probably be long distance. 

Andy’s painful memories that he’s been trying to outrun finally catches up to him. His brother calls to tell him that his nephew  Ty who lived with him as a kid, ran away. Andy is worried sick and has to leave abruptly from the weekend getaway he had planned with Salt. Salt is very understanding and tells Andy how much he adores him and has his back. This crisis definitely brings them closer together and drives  home the fact that they can’t live apart for too much longer. They crave being in each other’s presence and they make the necessary arrangements for Andy and his nephew to live with Salt on the ranch. They all ended up with the family that they always hoped for. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

Favorite Quotes : 1. Though the tickling as the cum seeped back out of him could stop. Salt remembered exactly how Andy had solved that problem last time.  As if reading his mind, Andy whispered, “Can’t wait to lick you clean.” ( Hot damn, if this book gets any raunchier, I will be in a constant orgasmic state. It’s like a fucking wet dream that never ends 😇.)



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