Love in Xxchange 9: Where There’s a Will by Bailey Bradford

Title : Where There’s a Will             Word Count : 73,553

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Three men who’ve given up on love find it in the most unexpected place.

A rough cowboy, a sassy spitfire, and a bartender—they sound like the start of a joke, but there’s nothing funny about the way Carlos feels when a sexy spitfire of a man blows him a kiss.

Carlos came down to Texas from the Mossy Glenn Ranch in Montana to deliver some bad news to his former boss Nick. Just one problem, his GPS unit is a lying POS. It keeps having him drive in circles and nagging him to turn in impossible places.

Then a man blows him a kiss, and reawakens a part of him Carlos thought was dead and gone. He’s a middle aged cowboy, tired and unemployed, yet when he stops for directions and sees the sexy spitfire getting jacked off by one very handsome, stacked bartender, it’s a jolt to his libido.

When Will and Troy invite him to play and make it clear they aren’t a couple, they’re just strangers like his is to them, Carlos just can’t resist.

But each of them have secrets, pain and desires, needs and hopes. Will is hated by most the town residents, Troy can’t accept his own needs, and Carlos has let his past control him for almost two decades. Can they find what they need together and in themselves? Is such a thing possible?

My Review : This was a jam packed sexy ass book. It started with a bang, banging through the middle and ended with a bang. Usually, I am not really a fan of threesomes, I think someone always gets left out and that feelings and emotions are not reciprocated equally. I am so wrong and I am so sorry that I waited so long to read this one. I shouldn’t have expected anything less from Bailey Bradford who is truly a magnificent author. I really love this series, but I wasn’t too keen on Will at first. Will can be a little bit abrasive and he comes off super slutty. It just goes to show that everyone deserves a second and third chance even. 

The three of these men complemented each other perfectly.  Will is the carefree young man who has hidden baggage and uses sex as an outlet. Troy is the sexy , tough bartender who deals only in one night stands and fears being judged as less than a man. Then finally, we have Carlos, the older serious sexy as hell cowboy. They really make their threesome relationship work by opening up to each other and being fearless when trying new things. Carlos was the top dog that pushed the trio in the right direction where they all needed to be. Will was the glue,  he was the small one that needed love ,protection and a little bit of pain from his two handsome hunks. Troy seemed strong but he was the most vulnerable one who was so afraid of embracing his true nature for fear of being hurt and demeaned. Carlos and Will saw how much Troy needed to let go and be tied up and dominated. Carlos was the perfect man to carry out the task and Will was willing and ready to be the example of showing the freedom , joy and ecstasy of being tied up.

 This led to numerous amazing sexual exploits with these three sexy men. It caused my temperature to rise and my blood to boil in my veins in a very good way. There was a really hot double penetration scene that really revved my engines. The logistics of that kinda thing doesn’t compute in my brain , but it leaves me very very curious and makes me want to aspire to such endeavors😉. 

Will is one of the strongest of the three, not physically strong but emotionally. He is a little insecure and he has some issues to work through. He uses pain , spankings and every aspect of the BDSM lifestyle as a way of release and he embraces himself wholeheartedly.  This experience is very cathartic for Will and it brings out the strength  in Carlos to accept his need to dominate and for Troy, it allows him to realize something that he has always wanted for himself which is to be dominated without fear or shame. It was quite clear to all three involved that they were the real deal,  they were really in love and they totally got each other. This was a great finale to this series, I really have to go back and do reviews on the previous books. I forgot how much I loved the men from the Xxchange. I give this my ratings of 5- bring out the vibrators .You’ll definitely need it. 

Favorite Quotes : 1.  Yep, he was gonna die and go to wherever happy little sluts went, except he was only a slut for these two now, which wasn’t the point. ( You really gotta love someone who embraces themselves wholeheartedly.  Will is totally free , he knows what he wants and he does everything to get it.)

2. “Give him a good ride, get your ass warmed up for me.” “Jeez,” Will gasped as he started a slow rhythm, “Gonna make me come with that dirty talk. You know I love it.” (There is something to be said about the art of dirty talk, mm mm mm makes me want to cream my pants😇.)


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