One True Sacrifice (Of Dragons and Wolves 1) by Marcy Jacks

Title : One True Sacrifice  (Of Dragons and Wolves 1)

Word Count : 36,602    Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb : Conner Abbot is the youngest, and weakest, of many brothers. A runt and an omega, he is unable to hunt after a dragon attack left him scarred. Though he’s worthless to his family, he knows they love him, and he loves them. Which is why Conner volunteers to mate to a dragon for peace, rather than watch one of his brothers be taken away.

Aris Macleod, high dragon of his clan, wasn’t happy with the arrangement. Peace is more important than his happiness, however, and he will go through with the mating, even when the wolves insult him by sending him a weak omega.

Aris is stunned when the frail omega has some bite in him, and as he slowly finds himself falling in love, he comes to the terrible realization that Conner may never love him back, and the only way to make his true love happy will be to send him back where he came from.

My Review : Conner , the youngest wolf pup out of all his siblings sacrifices himself as a means of procuring a peace treaty between wolves and dragons. In a world where strength is  highly valued, Conner is tired of feeling useless due to his small stature and a limp that was left over from a dragon attack in his youth.

Aris, the high dragon is slightly offended when he realizes that the wolves have given him an omega who is weak and has a limp. When he finds out that Conner is the one who offered himself up as the sacrificial lamb , he is intrigued and he works at bridging the gap with his mate.

Although Conner is an omega , he is definitely not timid, he is very brazen and he shows Aris how fearless he is in the bedroom when he offers up his virginity. The sex between these two men was fantastic,  they were really hot together. Conner knew that it wouldn’t take too much for him to fall in love with his dragon and Aris found himself having feelings for his little omega. Aris really appreciated the spunk and fire that his little omega had within.Conner showed him that even though he was small , he could protect their love and all that it entailed. I give this my ratings of 4 – lose the underwear. 

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