Falling for the Captive (Of Dragons and Wolves 2) by Marcy Jacks

Title : Falling for the Captive (Of Dragons and Wolves 2)

Word Count :31,894                  Genre : Paranormal Gay Romance

Blurb :Beta wolf Tom Parker only wanted to protect his little brother. He didn’t want to work for dragon hunting Templars. To make matters worse, one of the dragons he brought in is his destined mate.

Grant Hamilton is disgusted when a wolf comes to him for sex, although he cannot deny the lust he feels for Tom, who is handsome, so he will play along simply for the pleasure. But he also cannot deny the urge to protect Tom when the wolf helps him escape.

Now Tom is a captive amongst the dragons, and though he has his brother back, he is miserable because the mating is one sided, and Grant’s entire clan hates his existence. Though Grant tries to stay away, he cannot, and when he learns that Tom mated with him before being ordered to by the Templars, he will do everything in his power to make up for bad behavior.

My Review : In order to save their pups, Tom and other beta wolves agree to work with an overzealous religious  group called the Templars to capture dragons. After capturing twin brothers Fraser and  Grant, Tom realizes that Grant is his mate. He is so overcome with passion that he takes matters into his own hands in the bathroom, not knowing that there is a camera planted there by one of the Templars. This guy uses this as  blackmail, forcing Tom to sleep with the dragon as a way to glean important information about the whereabouts of the dragon’s castle.

Grant is very shocked at the way his body responds to one of his kidnappers. He is disgusted and upset after participating and he pushes Tom away thinking that he whores himself out on a regular basis for the Templars. As punishment and retribution he decides to take Tom whenever he gets free from his prison. Tom feels horribly ashamed for what he’s had to do to his mate and he finds a way to free his dragon by taking a beating from some of the guards.

When Tom finally comes around he finds himself in the dragon castle in a comfy bed. He tried to submit to his dragon for punishment,  but Grant lets him know that dragons don’t lay a finger in anger on their mates. Grant tries to care for his mate by being with him physically.  The sex is really explosive between Grant and Tom that it causes Tom to blackout from exhaustion.  Grant decides to keep his hands off his mate and Tom takes this to mean that his dragon doesn’t want him. This kills a part of Tom and he starts withering away from his mate not touching him.

 Grant forces Tom to snap out of his funk and when they finally have a heart to heart, all the misunderstandings are cleared up. They realize that they both adore each other. This was a sweet romance throughout with not too much drama. It was a very comfortable read. I give this my ratings of 3- it was ok,  give it a try.

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