Box of Nails : Making Repairs by Sean Michael

Title : Box of Nails : Making Repairs                     Word Count :33,500

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Something terrible happened to Mike, and he’s been living in the attic of Devin and Barney’s house ever since. He’s shy, he’s scared and he cuts. Paul and Jeff do what they can to make sure his razors stay clean and that he’s fed, but they’re both worried that it’s not enough.

When Barney’s friend, police officer Angus, attends a summer party at the house, he catches sight of Mike in the shadows and is immediately drawn to the young man. Mike is clearly in need of help and that’s what Angus does best.

Will Mike let Angus in? And if he does, is there anything Angus can do to help Mike out of the nightmares of his past?

My Review : Mike is this very fragile, beautiful soul that we’ve been introduced to at Devvie’s house of twinks. He has been damaged and traumatized by the harsh cruelties of life. He manages to barely survive each day a little at a time by cutting to help to ease the pain. He can’t work or leave his apartment. It falls to Paulie and Jeff to bring him non-perishable food items such as peanut butter and jelly  to keep him alive. Every now and then Paulie coaxes him to come out of his apartment for a meal and this is such a huge step for him. This was such a heartbreaking and heartwarming story to watch all these friends help to nurse Mike back to health, putting him back a piece at a time. In walks Angus,  he is drawn to Mike’s fragility from the very first moment and his cop’s instincts come out making him want to protect him from harm. Angus is the most gentle , caring person you could ever meet. He helps Mike by being consistent and offering friendship and pulling him out into the light. He is non-judgmental and offers Mike the ultimate gift of blood play, he controls cutting Mike and this provides a safe environment where he doles out specific amount of cuts at a time as reward. This goes a far way in allowing Mike to trust him and fosters a relationship between the two that grows into something really special. Angus is there for Mike through his good days and his bad days, forever being patient, gentle and loving. The sexual part of their relationship took awhile to build up because of all the fear and anguish that this act brought to Mike’s pysche. It was oh so beautiful and special when Mike’s sexuality was awakened  and brought back to life. It was precious to watch Mike embracing this side of himself wholeheartedly with Angus.This is one of the best stories I have read from this author. It really touched me to the core , it was all about conquering  and embracing vulnerability and fragility and turning into something positive. When Angus suffers an injury at work,  we see Mike the brave boy coming out of his shell and he decides to do everything possible to protect his master, even braving the big bad world. I loved this book. It deserves my ratings of 5 – not because of the hot sex but for the raw vulnerability, fragility, reawakening and repairing of these two lovely men.