The Firsts & Forever 3: In Pieces by Alexa Land

Title : In pieces                                 Word Count : 406 pgs

Genre : Contemporary Gay Romance

Blurb : Twenty-year-old Christopher Robin Andrews lives his life in pieces. He’s a student. An artist. A loyal friend. And he’s had to make a living as a prostitute. He’s barely holding it all together, surviving day by day.

But then an unexpected encounter with a gorgeous man at a Christmas party shakes up his world. The last thing Christopher’s looking for is love. But sometimes, even if you’re not looking for it, love finds you anyway. Ready or not.

NOTE: This erotic gay romance includes explicit language and graphic sex between men. For ADULT READERS ONLY.

My Review : Christopher Robin is such a sweet guy who has had a shit for luck kinda life. Even though he is a prostitute,  there is purity and sweetness about him that is so genuine. He doesn’t really open up all that much , but there is just something about him that draws people in. He’s surrounded by people who love him and want to take care of him. However, he tries to put up a wall and tries to act like he is an island for fear that he will become dependent on his friends. For him , this is the worst thing that he could possibly do, because he has had such disappointment in his previous experiences. Kieran is the perfect guy for him, who would love the chance to cherish him. Kieran is a virgin and he is only too happy to put his trust in Christopher,  to allow him to bring him forth in the art of  hot sexy manlove. Oh boy, it was oh so sexy. Once again Ms. Land burns up the sheets, the walls and floors with the  wild sweaty  monkey sex  between the rentboy and the cop. I loved how they took their time in exploring Kieran’s submissive side. Who knew it was so fun being submissive. Makes me wanna try my hand at being submissive ;), mm mm food for thought. OMG, Nana is such a gangsta. Nana is back and she is better than ever, brandishing her pistol around and pistol whipping even bigger gangstas,  who knows if this one is real.  It would take a real idiot to try to find that out ;). Once again she proves to be a great ally to her Gay homosexuals (her words, not mine). Nana is an absolute gem and everyone would be so lucky to have someone like her in their lives. Another great addition to the series. This one gets my ratings of 5 – bring out the vibrators.