Dagon’s Ride by Lynn Hagen

Title: Dagon’s Ride   Word Count:35,794              Genre: Paranormal Romance

Blurb:Taylor has spent his whole life listening to his mother viciously bash gay people, and his attraction to Dagon has him confused and ashamed.

Dagon is supportive in the wake of his mate’s doubts and insecurities, and he tries hard to convince Taylor that love knows no boundaries. Dagon had hoped Taylor’s older brother, Joshua, who’s mated Dagon’s brother Law, would be enough to convince Taylor to accept who he is, but Taylor still refuses to fully acknowledge his love for Dagon, and Dagon soon grows weary.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s inner demon may be more tangible than anyone could have imagined, and the mates, risking their lives to help Taylor, take off on their most unbelievable adventure yet.

My Review: This book deals with the youngest Santiago brother Dagon and his mate Taylor who is Joshua’s(ghetto booty) brother. This book was good for the simple fact that we got to see how the Brac family has expanded. We were able to catch up with some of our favorite characters from past stories. Heaven and Murdock are on their third kid and Gabby and Montana are blessed with their son Nevada. We find out that Taylor is a half demon and the author uses this discovery as a way of bridging the Demon world with the Brac Pack. We are introduced to the leader of the Demon warriors Panahasi and he seems even more scary than Maverick. Taylor had a really hard time accepting his sexuality and this causes some tension between him and Dagon. He was very upset at himself for liking sex with another man and this caused him to lash out at his mate after sex. Understandably, this hurt Dagon’s feelings and he reacted by getting angry at Taylor as well. It wasn’t until after all the mates pulled their disappearing act by taking Taylor out to celebrate his birthday in the Demon realm, where he had a talk with the Demon warrior Hondo who explained to Taylor that it shouldn’t matter who he loves. It was after this that Taylor started putting things into perspective and started acting like a mate to Dagon.

My Ratings: 4- Lose the Underwear