Knox by Lynn Hagen

Title: Knox         Word Count: 31,201          Genre: M/M/M Romance, Menage a Trois


Sammy Olson was kicked out of his own home by his boyfriend and left to fend for himself. He finds work at Theo’s Bar and Grill, but what he isn’t prepared for is the attention he’s getting from two very handsome men.

Trevor Amite left his coven behind when the leader challenged him. It was better than winning and becoming the new leader, something he didn’t want.

While Knox fights the demons that haunt his sleep, he discovers both of his mates—and one of them is a vampire. Can he come to terms with the idea of having a bloodsucker for a mate, or will he take Sammy and walk away from what fate has decided to give him? And can Knox keep the coven Trevor left behind from killing the man he isn’t even sure he wants?

Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen’s Zeus’s Pack collection features a different romantic trio. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance

My Review:This is one of the best books I’ve read from the Zeus series so far. I really connected with these three. I really liked Trevor’s vulnerability and the way he tried to play it off as if he didn’t need Knox’s acceptance in the trio.Knox realized that he not only needed his smaller mate Sammy, but Trevor as well in order to feel complete.Sammy was definitely the glue that held this mating together.He had the right amount of naivete, sensitivity,playfulness and I loved how he would protect Trevor from Knox’s gruffness and distrust that he had towards vampires. The sex was really hot without being over the top. Generally, I’m not a fan of menage a trois, because it always feels like someone gets left behind emotionally. This one worked for me , because Sammy was so strong as a partner and he showed both of his mates the physical side of love as well as the romantic side.

My Rating: 4- Lose the underwear





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