Carter’s Tryck by Lynn Hagen

Title: Carter’s Tryck    Word Count:27,885                         Genre: Paranormal Romance


Tryck Santiago is a wolf shifter who loves riding his motorcycle, hanging with his brothers, and giving Alpha Maverick Brac a hard time. His motto has always been “if you can’t fix it, burn it down.” But what will happen when his toughness can’t fix his mate’s problems? And what’s with all the tears?

Carter Santharian is a tall, slim Wood Elf. He’s also graceful and quick-witted, so what was fate thinking when mating him to Biker Bob? The man’s choice of clothes was blue or black, and the yellow bandana on his head reminds Carter only that two opposites may not attract.

Carter has to fight to make his own way in a world of shifters, and he now finds himself in love with a mate who refuses to show any affection in public. Can he get Tryck to show his more tender side, or will Carter tire of the struggle and shimmer away?

My Review:Tryck was a little gruff for my taste, but by the end of the book I was so in love with Carter and Tryck. It was fun to watch Maverick and Tryck butt heads and ridiculously funny watching them argue over an ice cream. It is obvious why Carter is so perfect for Tryck, because they both get on Maverick’s nerves.This was another great addition to the series. I am so in love with all the Brac pack warriors. I really suggest reading these books in order,even though they are all stand alones. It really makes for a better read and a better understanding of the whole series if you go by the author’s Reading Order list.
My Rating: 3- Give it a Try

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