Joshua’s Law by Lynn Hagen

Title: Joshua’s Law     Word Count:27,270                       Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance


Joshua Tate has always sashayed through life, just having fun and taking care of his little brother, Taylor. He enjoyed who he was until he talked to his Mom, his own personal critic, who is happy to remind him off all of his shortcomings.

Law Santiago loves his brothers. The only problem is the fact that they tease him to no end about his preference for playing bottom. It’s a sore subject—and one he wishes they would forget.

Law finally finds his mate, and he’s perfect in every way. Unfortunately, Law and Joshua are both full of self-doubt from their families’ ridicule. Can these two help each other accept who they are, or will the constant interruptions—from family, vampires, and elves who have it out for Law’s mate—keep them from the perfect life?

My Review:

Joshua is quite flamboyant in his tiny booty shorts and painted nails. It’s frustrating to him that his mother can’t accept him for who he is. He meets Law at his lowest point and Law let’s him know that he is attracted to him ,feminine attributes and all.I really like the Santiago brothers. Law was truly able to be himself around Joshua, they complement each other really well.Joshua sashayed around with his ghetto booty and painted nails at the mansion, not having to worry about being accepted by the mates.I really loved this one and I really like the pregnancy theme going on in the Brac pack. This book was silly at times, but i think that is why it is so endearing and laugh out loud hilarious. Joshua was able to come out of his shell and and really define what a true mate should be by protective and loving to Law. He was exactly what Law needed. It was fun watching the warriors crumble at their mates’ feet yet again.
My Rating: 4 – Lose the Underwear