Montana’s Vamp by Lynn Hagen

Title: Montana’s Vamp         Word Count: 27,689                 Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance

Gabriele Sloane has been picked on his entire life by the coven he grew up in. They taunted him, ridiculed him, and downright hated him. When they do the unthinkable and kick him out, Gabby is forced to find a new home. Dodging the sun and low on his diabetic supplies, he wanders aimlessly until he finds himself in the arms of one bald and sexy shifter.

Montana Graton hates vampires with a passion. His best friend was killed by one. Hungry and bored, he decides to visit the diner in town. The little redhead sitting one booth over looks good enough to roll around in the back of his truck with—until the smell hits him and he discovers the redhead is his mate.

Can Montana set aside his hatred and claim the little vamp, or will he allow his festering hate to surface and turn his back on the sexy little fireball fate has given him?

My Review: One of my all time favorite authors is Lynn Hagen . I don’t think there is any book done by her that I don’t like. I am totally in love with these books. Whenever you think Paranormal Romance ,think Lynn Hagen . She dominates this genre in my opinion. She has quite a few series and i must say that my favorite is the Brac Pack series.One of my favorites is Montana’s Vamp. I absolutely love Montana and Gabby. This book had the right amount of angst and I loved the vulnerability from Gabby as well as his inner strength. Gabby is a little bit insecure about his weight, but Montana continuously shows him how hot he is by loving on him constantly. Montana showed so much tenderness with Gabby while maintaining his alpha male persona. There were many laugh out loud moments at Gabby’s tendency to speed talk his way through conversations. This is one of the first male pregnancy novels that I have read by this author and it’s beautifully done through comedy. Another smash hit. I keep on rereading this one, it’s  funny and lighthearted.
My Rating: 5 Get Out the Vibrators

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